Robotic Renal Cancer Surgery

Robotic surgery is most frequently used in prostate cancer treatment in urology but it can also be employed in renal cancer treatment. Renal cancers may be diagnosed in different sides of kidneys with various dimensions. Concerning the dimension and location of a renal mass, the decision has to be made whether to remove the mass (partial) or totally the kidney (total).

For total nephrectomy, laparoscopy may be enough but for partial nephrectomy, robotic surgery may be needed.

During partial nephrectomy operations, to repair the residual kidney renal vessels should be clamped for a certain time to prevent hemorrhage. This duration of clamping should be kept as short as possible to give less harm to the residual kidney. Robotic surgery has a great maneuvering capability which enables keeping the clamping time as short as possible. This results in the optimal preservation of postoperative kidney functions in those patients.

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